Mobile SmartFlip 4G


Date listed: 13/11/2019

This Opel mobile phone has 4G network connectivity, so you can enjoy rapid Internet speeds. Enlarge images for posters and big screens with its 53 MP sensor resolution. The Opel phone features an Android 8.1 operating system. Its 1.3 GHz ARM Cortex A53 quad-core processor helps you run complex applications with great speed. The phone has a 4 GB storage capacity, so you can keep all of your films and tunes. Also, add additional memory storage with its 32 GB of expandable storage. This Opel phone's 240 x 320 pixel screen resolution helps you look at sharp images and text. It has a 2.8-inch display, video recording, Wi-Fi, a Bluetooth connection, and GPS capability. Plus, the phone is black. It features a 56mm width, a 107.5mm height, and a 20.6mm depth. The Opel phone has 1550 mAh battery. You can upgrade your mobile device with this Opel mobile phone.

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