PS4 Console Pro 1TB Fortnite Bundle


Date listed: 13/11/2019

The PS4 Pro has the ability to play 4K native gaming titles on a 4K TV and make your gaming experience remarkable. Games feel like they've come alive, with High Dynamic Range (HDR) producing unbelievably vibrant pictures, and an enhanced Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) with double the power of the standard PS4. It's designed with a boosted frame rate to run games faster, so the fast-paced action scenes and movement is seamless. When you play non-4K games, it also auto-upscales to enhance the picture quality. You can also use the PS4 Pro console to watch YouTube and subscription streaming services such as Netflix on your TV. Watch TV shows and movies in glorious native 4K, and lower resolution content that's enhanced to get closer to 4K picture clarity. This console also dramatically improves the full virtual reality experience, with finer detail and greater clarity producing life-like graphics. This PS4 Pro comes with a PS4 DualShock controller for intuitive control and makes gaming a truly beautiful experience.

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