Miele EVS 7010 Handleless Graphite Grey Built-in Vacuum Sealing Drawer


Date listed: 22/10/2019

body { background: url(https://media.binglee.com.au/media/backgrounds/Miele_Brand_Page_-_GEN_7000_Website_Skin.jpg) top center no-repeat; }.buying-guide-container { display: none;}8L Vacuum chamber capacity Longer storage life of food Vacuum-sealing food Marinating food Dividing food into portions Vacuum-sealing containers Resealing original packaging Sealing jars Vacuum-sealing liquids Built-in vacuum-sealing drawer: Yes Handleless: Yes Colour: Graphite Grey Preparing food for sous-vide cooking: Yes Longer storage life of food: Yes Marinating food: Yes Vacuum-sealing: Yes Vacuum-sealing food: Yes Marinating food: Yes Dividing food into portions: Yes Vacuum-sealing containers: Yes Resealing original packaging: Yes Sealing jars: Yes Vacuum-sealing liquids: Yes Vacuum chamber capacity in l: 8 Maximum bag size in mm: 250-350 Push2open mechanism: Yes Fully telescopic runners for easy loading and unloading: Yes Control panel with sensor controls: Yes Control panel with symbols: Yes Vacuum settings: 1-3 LED vacuum setting indicator: Yes Vacuum settings for external containers: 1-3 LED vacuum setting indicator for external containers: Yes Sealing duration settings: 1-3 LED sealing duration indicator: Yes Stop function: Yes Stainless steel vacuum chamber: Yes Pump capacity in m³/h: 4 Flush control panel: Yes Note regarding moisture removal from the vacuum pump: Yes Interchangeable sealing bar: Yes Safety switch-off: Yes Adapter for vacuum-sealing container: 1 Surface for small bags: 1 Vacuum-sealing bags, 180 x 280 mm: 50 Vacuum-sealing bags, 240 x 350 mm: 50

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