FEDERAL ELECTION: Voters at the polling booth during a Federal Election.
FEDERAL ELECTION: Voters at the polling booth during a Federal Election. Philip Blatch

FEDERAL ELECTION: The chase for the seat of Maranoa ramps up

THE Federal Election is scheduled for May 18 and it is ubiquitous among the competing candidates that no electorate is safe as they contest current candidate David Littleproud for the seat of Maranoa.

The Maranoa seat has been subject to a 28-year LNP stronghold, however MP Littleproud told the Western Star it could not be taken for granted.

"We live in a democracy and our ancestors fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy today so your vote in this year's election - in every election - is important,” Mr Littleproud said.

LNP's David Littleproud.
LNP's David Littleproud. Michael Nolan

"Every voice matters, especially in rural communities as our contribution to our current way of life was immense and we all have a part to play in how our community is shaped into the future.

"I work hard and have delivered $4.7 billion for the Maranoa electorate since I was elected in 2016 and I'm keen to do more.”

Katter Australian Party candidate Anthony Wallis said the Maranoa seat is a lot less safe than it used to be.

KAP's Anthony Wallis.
KAP's Anthony Wallis. Katter's Australia Party

"People are waking up to the fact that the LNP aren't really representing the regions like they used to,” Mr Wallis said.

"What we've got as our member for the moment is the Minster for Agriculture and Water Resources, and there's a lot of water infrastructure projects that could or should have gone ahead while he was the man - and yet in the three years he's been in the job, none of them have been implemented.

"I'll be focusing on infrastructure, zonal taxation and realistic energy policies.”

One Nation candidate Rosemary Moulden plans to advocate for the aged care sector, as well as water and vegetation management.

One Nation's Rosemary Moulden.
One Nation's Rosemary Moulden. Marian Faa

"One Nation is the only party that doesn't put legislation or infrastructure projects based on ideology of party policy,” Mrs Moulden said.

"We only support legislation and projects based on the every day Australian which I think it great.”

Mrs Moulden will be placing a large emphasis on foreign land ownership while on the campaign trail.

"Foreign ownership of land and assets in Australia needs to really be well-regulated.”

Greens candidate Emmeline Chidley will be focussing on the needs of the locals.

Greens' Emmeline Chidley.
Greens' Emmeline Chidley. Michelle Bowden

"A major focus of my campaign is making sure we're looking after our water and our land before we're giving access to the mining corporations,” she said.

In light of the invasion of vegan protestors on local properties, Miss Chidley will be taking steps to ensure the protests remain civil.

ALP candidate Linda Little did not respond to The Western Star's questions before the print deadline.

ALP's Linda Little.
ALP's Linda Little. James Liveris

Betting site Ladbrokes has placed Miss Chidley's and Mr Wallis' odds of winning the seat at $41, while the Coalition has been tipped to win at $1.02.

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