Sydney Lawrie, WoolPoll 2018 Panel Chair.
Sydney Lawrie, WoolPoll 2018 Panel Chair. Contributed

Growers urged to vote on WoolPoll

LEVY rates are the focal point of this year's WoolPoll and panel chair Sydney Lawrie is encouraging all growers to have their say.

Mr Lawrie said recent discussions within the industry had been robust and future sustainability was something that needed to be focused on.

"WoolPoll is an opportunity for wool growers to directly influence how much we want to invest in research, development and marketing for the Australian wool industry through Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and voting is open for a limited time.”

"We all agree that wool prices have been good, but now is not the time to take our eye off the ball,” he said.

This year's WoolPoll will ask growers to consider five levy rate options between zero and three per cent.

Information kits were made available to help growers make informed decisions when they voted in the poll, Mr Lawrie said.

"I encourage all wool growers to take the time to consider the information provided and make an informed decision about the future funding of the Australian wool industry.

"Don't leave it to others to decide, or make the mistake of thinking your view doesn't matter.

"Whether you produce 10 bales or one thousand, you need to have your say.” he said.

Voting for WoolPoll closes on November 2.

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