Hail at Wellcamp looks like snow, blowing people's minds

Shaun Carter's photo of hail at Wellcamp Airport.
Shaun Carter's photo of hail at Wellcamp Airport.

TODAY 7AM: A brief but severe thunderstorm swept through the Toowoomba region yesterday, with many suburbs being pummeled by hailstones. 

Residents took to social media to share photos of their backyard, footpaths and even the road covered in small white hail.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Lauren Pattie said the storm cell brought freezing atmospheric conditions which allowed hail to form.

Toowoomba residents share photos of the hail which fell on Monday. Photo from: Karthik Chellapandian at Cotswold Hills
Toowoomba residents share photos of the hail which fell on Monday. Photo from: Karthik Chellapandian at Cotswold Hills

Karthik Chellapandian shared an amazing photo of his front yard in Cotswold Hills covered in hail, making it almost look like a blanket of snow.

Many people shared photos at Wellcamp Airport, but it was Shaun Carter's photo on the Higgins Storm Chasing Facebook page that gained the most attention.

The photo taken just outside the airport has thousands of likes, comments and shares with such a rare sight captured in Toowoomba.

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YESTERDAY 6PM: A photo of hailstones at Wellcamp Airport has shocked thousands of residents.

Shaun Carter shared a photo to the Higgins Storm Chasing Facebook page about lunch time and it already has 2300 likes, and has been shared more than 580 times and has about 670 comments.

It is blowing people's minds because there aren't just a few hailstones, the entire ground is covered making it look like snow.

Check it out for yourself.

YESTEDAY 1.30PM: Toowoomba was hit by a brief but severe thunderstorm this morning, as a storm cell swept through the region.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Lauren Pattie said the hail was caused by freezing atmospheric temperatures caused by the "upper low."

Hail at Cotswold Hills.
Hail at Cotswold Hills. Debbie Druce

"The upper low was recording really really low temperatures as it was passing the Toowoomba region," she said.

"So low in fact that it caused small hailstones to form."

Ms Pattie said although the worst has passed, Toowoomba was still sitting between two storm cells.

"This morning's cell has moved away but there is more development behind it," she said.

"It is a very unstable atmosphere. There is a storm on its way to Oakey and another on its way to Pittsworth, which means Toowoomba is right in the middle and more rain is expected for the area."

Lucinda Paynter: Hail at Gowrie Junction
Lucinda Paynter: Hail at Gowrie Junction

YESTERDAY 11.40AM: Thunderstorms have smashed Toowoomba and are now moving towards Gatton and Esk.

The majority of the wild weather has passed Toowoomba as the storms head further east.

However, rain is forecast continue to fall for the rest of the afternoon.

Hailstones fell in some Toowoomba suburbs after BoM warned thunderstorms would bring heavy rain, damaging winds and large hail today.

Residents at Gowrie Junction and Glenvale have shared photos of their backyards covered in small white hailstones.

The storms lashing Toowoomba are moving towards the northeast and Highfields is next to cop the wild weather.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services advises that people should:

* Move your car under cover or away from trees.
* Secure loose outdoor items.
* Seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under trees.
* Avoid using the telephone during a thunderstorm.
* Beware of fallen trees and powerlines.
* For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500. 

Mitch Kelly: Getting smashed at Wellcamp Airport.
Mitch Kelly: Getting smashed at Wellcamp Airport.

YESTERDAY 11.15AM: The Bureau of Meteorology warns severe thunderstorms have been detected on the weather radar west of Toowoomba.

Thunderstorms are lashing Toowoomba and are moving towards the northeast.

They are forecast to affect the area southwest of Toowoomba and the area northwest of Toowoomba by 11.25 am and Toowoomba and Highfields by 11.55 am.

Large hailstones and damaging winds are likely.

YESTERDAY 10.30AM: Toowoomba skies are getting darker as a thunderstorm begins to brew across the region.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned small hail is possible around the southeast today as thunderstorms and showers pass through.

There is a 90% chance of showers and a thunderstorm today, most likely to hit this afternoon.

Weather warning for Toowoomba.
Weather warning for Toowoomba.

According to BoM an upper trough is moving further east into the southeastern corner of the state today, significantly increasing instability and the likelihood of storms.

The upper trough and any remnant shower or storm activity should then clear in the early hours of Tuesday.

Tomorrow and Wednesday are expected to be cloudy with temperatures sitting in the mid 20s.

The rain will be back on Thursday with a 60% chance of showers and storms during the day.

Dark skies above Captain Cook Oval.
Dark skies above Captain Cook Oval. Bev Lacey

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