Ipswich golf ball bomb maker's bid for bail

Glenn Charles Dell (right)
Glenn Charles Dell (right) David Nielsen

A MAN currently in jail after being convicted of grievous bodily harm and making a golf ball bomb tried to convince a supreme court justice to release him on bail.  

Glenn Charles Dell, 46, was told on Friday that he had been convicted of a very serious crime and that bail was not usually granted, except in special circumstances.  

Last year the Ipswich man was sentenced to four years in jail for offences stemming from an incident where a golf ball bomb exploded in an Ipswich teenager's hands.  

Dell represented himself at the bail application hearing at Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday, when he appeared by video link from jail.   The court heard he had lodged an appeal against his conviction, which is due to be heard next month.  

Justice James Douglas told Dell bail was not usually granted pending an appeal and that the man had to show exceptional circumstances to be successful.  

"My wife is having a nervous breakdown, she's losing it," Dell replied.  

"I'm sorry, but that doesn't constitute, in my view, exceptional circumstances," Justice Douglas replied.  

"You have to show, in effect, that there's something potentially seriously wrong with the decision against you or that the sentence imposed is manifestly excessive."  

Dell replied saying there was insufficient evidence to determine who did it, and that the jury was unreasonable.  

But Justice Douglas said he did not have the evidence before him and that Dell needed to show him that there was nothing linking him to the crime.  

"Well there was no fingerprints or anything that's another thing," Dell said.  

Justice Douglas was not convinced.  

"The applicant asserts that there was not sufficient evidence to link him to the explosion of a golf ball which injured the complainant, for which (Dell) was sentenced to four years imprisonment," Justice Douglas said in summing up.  

"There's no material before me about the evidence led at the trial."  

Justice Douglas said he had read the sentencing remarks from the judge who sentenced Dell late last year.  

He said the judge's remarks did not express doubt about the conviction, but accepted that Dell had no intention to cause the youth's injury.  

"In the circumstances, I am not satisfied that exceptional circumstances have been established by Mr Dell," Justice Douglas said.  

He also said Dell had not shown strong grounds that his appeal would be successful.   Dell's bail application was dismissed.  

His appeal will be before the Queensland Court of Appeal next month. - ARM NEWSDESK  

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