Travis Ian Jealous, 26, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.
Travis Ian Jealous, 26, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving. Facebook

Grieving dad drove directly at victim on roadside

HE was on his way back to Rockhampton after releasing balloons at Yeppoon in memory of his son who died a few days after birth when he spotted a man he knew and drove directly at him.

This action led Travis Ian Jealous, 26, to being charged with dangerous driving to which he pleaded guilty, along with six other charges, in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Friday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Darrell Dalton said the victim was standing out the front of the Blue Dolphin Caravan Park, 10 to 13 metres from the roadway, on Whitman St when Jealous drove a Landcruiser directly at him on April 26.

The vehicle stopped before hitting the victim, then Jealous drove backwards and yelled abuse at the victim.

"The victim has known the defendant for the past 15 years and when ever the defendant sees him, he hurls abuse at him," Sgt Dalton said.

Defence lawyer Grant Cagney said Jealous and his partner lost their baby boy days after his was born.

"He has been a broken empty man (since)," he said.

Mr Cagney said Jealous and his partner were leaving Yeppoon after a balloon releasing ceremony on the anniversary of their son's death when Jealous saw the man out the front of Blue Dolphin.

Magistrate Catherine Benson said it was "simply fortuitous" no one was harmed.

"Many people suffer trauma. Many people suffer grief. They don't turn it into violence," she said.

Mr Cagney said the death of his son was also behind one of the other charges - public nuisance.

He said the man he yelled out out the front of the Yeppoon courthouse had made a snide remark in relation to Jealous' son.

Sgt Dalton said a police officer in the courthouse heard the commotion outside on February 9 and exited just as Jealous was yelling "F---ing scum dog maggot" at the other person and then threw a cigarette at him.

After the police officer told Jealous to be quiet, Jealous swore at the officer.

Jealous was also charged with wilful damage for breaking the door at a residence where he was ordered by the court not to attend, and therefore charge for breaching that order too.

He also pleaded guilty to driving unlicensed on Archer St, Rockhampton on March 24.

The court heard Jealous had spent 105 days in custody prior to sentencing.

Mrs Benson ordered Jealous to a nine-month prison term head sentence with immediate parole. He also received 18-months of being disqualified from driving and $1150 in fines.

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