Lucy Dillon in her competition winning outfit, put together by boutique owner Mavis May.
Lucy Dillon in her competition winning outfit, put together by boutique owner Mavis May. Tara Cassidy

Mackay businesswoman helped save popular TV show

LUCY Dillon is arguably one of romantic drama A Place To Call Home's biggest fans.

She recently travelled from Mackay to Brisbane for the airing of its fifth season premiere at the Regal Cinema in Graceville, and was judged best dressed of the night.

The outfit she wore was from locally owned Mavis May Boutique, where Ms Dillon works one day a week.

Mrs May styled Mrs Dillon's winning outfit and was pleased to see her receive so much praise.

To her delight, Ms Dillon won a boxed set of seasons one to four for her efforts and also got to meet some of the show's biggest stars at the premiere.

"A Place To Call Home won a Gold Logie in 2016 for best TV drama and was originally being aired by Channel Seven,” she said.

It was cut after only two seasons, much to Ms Dillon's and other fans' dismay.

She had begun watching the drama with her husband and was soon hooked.

Along with hundreds of others, she wrote to Channel Seven to have it put back on the air.

"John and I loved it, we would honestly stay up and watch it into the early hours of the morning, we were so addicted,” Ms Dillon said.

"We got to season two and they finished it with this horrible ending and then that was meant to be it, axed.

"A man called Peter Vernon formed this group to have the show saved and so we all bombarded Channel Seven, he even organised picnics all over Australia to keep it on the air, there were placards and everything. The stars even went along.”

While Seven didn't choose to save the show in the end, Foxtel picked it up and since then fans have enjoyed their beloved series, now into its fifth season.

Ms Dillon said she and her husband were so invested in the show, which is set in rural Australia in the late 1950s, that they even travelled to visit some of the places it was filmed.

"We were invited in February to go to a dinner dance for the new ending of the third show, so we travelled to (fictional estate) Ash Park for it,” Ms Dillon said.

"And while we were there we went to all the places like the railway stations, Camden (in New South Wales), we did a special tour and went with the rest of the group.

"It was amazing.”

Sunday night was the first episode of season five and Mrs Dillon said she was ecstatic to hear that season six had recently been approved.

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