HOT CONTEST: Dirranbandi Polocrosse Club performed well at the Pally Carnival over the weekend.
HOT CONTEST: Dirranbandi Polocrosse Club performed well at the Pally Carnival over the weekend. Contributed

Pally Carnival rains down

POLOCROSSE: The Dirranbandi Polocrosse Club had a stormer of a weekend at the Pally Carnival in Pallamallawa, New South Wales, as a heavy deluge on Sunday interrupted what was an otherwise successful tournament.

The Dirranbandi club was represented by four teams and a pool player, with the first, second and third teams enjoying two wins each over the Saturday.

"We were very happy with the way everyone went and it was looking good for Sunday including the younger riders - who are all very enthusiastic,” publicity officer Cathy Watts said.

Ms Watts said among the many highlights was game two between the first team and Inverell.

"That was just a really good match between two evenly matched teams,” she said.

"Seb McCracken and Jack Knight influenced the game heavily as number threes and played exceptionally.

"I think we were probably tipped to be the underdogs but we won fairly convincingly which was really good.”

The second Dirranbandi team also posted two stirring victories with star performances across the board which was then repeated by the third team.

"Jack Watts and Maddie Forster who were the younger players in the team really stepped up for the second team,” Ms Watts said.

"In the third team, it was good to see Kim McFarlane - who hasn't played for many years - getting back into the game.

"Our fourth team was full of new players who were playing in their second carnival - except for Duncan Banks - who helped the younger players out.”

The Dirranbandi Polocrosse Club will send players to the Nockatunga carnival this weekend, followed by Eulo and Goondiwindi, before playing at home on July 28-29.

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