TACKLE: Reserve grade Saints player Jaiden Davis (red) brings his footwork into play as he goes for the tackle on a Grasshoppers player.
TACKLE: Reserve grade Saints player Jaiden Davis (red) brings his footwork into play as he goes for the tackle on a Grasshoppers player. Maxine Lee

Saints start season strong

Saturday was a busy day of league at Rowden Park, with the four-match line-up against the travelling Mungindi teams kicking off after midday.

First to run on the field were the St George U12 Saints, playing the Mungindi Grasshoppers team.

The match was described as "entertaining” by onlookers, with the Grasshoppers coming out on top at full time with a final score of 38-10.

It was then St George's lady Saints' time to shine in their match against Mungindi in an oztag face-off.

The teams were evenly matched, with multiple pushes towards the try line deflected by both teams, to bring a half-time score of nil-all.

Both teams returned from the half-time break energised, with each scoring a try early in the second half.

The crowd was on the edge of their seats as the two teams wrestled for dominance. Another try for the lady Saints put them in the lead, but they were soon roped by another score from the Mungindi side.

The final whistle blew with the two teams sitting on 8-all, a draw, and a fair score for the match.

Following this, the reserve grade Saints played the reserve grade Mungindi side. Mungindi started strongly, leading the game 10-4 after 16 minutes.

They continued to lead into the half-time break, starting the second half on a comfortable 22-10.

The Saints fought back, snatching a couple of tries, but the Mungindi attack proved too strong, and they doubled their score to take the win 40-18.

A highlight of the reserve game was masters player Robert Turnbull taking to the pitch, much to the surprise and excitement of his team-mates.

The A-grade St George Saints emerged victorious in their trial match against Mungindi.

A late injury in the reserves match preceding the game caused a delayed start, but the competition was on as the two teams took to the field.

The Saints were the first to put a score on the board, taking an early 6-0 lead 10 minutes into the match as Addison Cordrey bowled through the defensive line.

Soon after, Saints team mate Adam Parkes strode to another try, outrunning the defence to place the ball in the corner.

A successful conversion by Corey Spackman placed the team in good stead early in the match.

However, Mungindi was not going to take the Saints' assault lying down.

Mungindi's Geoff Prince rushed the line at 19 minutes.

And after tactical play, he scored through a series of heavy hits, taking the score to 12-4, which it remained until half-time.

A pep talk at half time rallied both sides, and they each came on to score a try early in the second half.

The Saints maintained their 16-10 lead, with the clock ticking down to the last 15 minutes of the match.

A Mungindi player made a final push, resulting in a try next to the goal post that put his side neck and neck with the Saints.

It was Corey Spackman who was the Saints' saviour as he sprinted through a hole in the backline to reclaim the lead for the St George side.

The final score of the match was a close 20-16 to the St George Saints.

Saints president Gary Popp said although the end of the match was close, it was a great result for the team's first game.

"Everyone stood up in the end, even the young fellas,” Mr Popp said.

"I think from the look of this it will be a good season.”

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