L-R (centre couple) Billieann Bambrick and Pamela Molloy at their wedding rehearsal ahead of their wedding on Saturday. It will be the first same-sex wedding for Rockhampton.
L-R (centre couple) Billieann Bambrick and Pamela Molloy at their wedding rehearsal ahead of their wedding on Saturday. It will be the first same-sex wedding for Rockhampton. Chris Ison ROK120118cmarriage4

Sick father finally gets to see his daughter wed her wife

WHO says you can't organise a wedding in a month.

Pamela Molloy and Billieann Bambrick have been waiting 25 years for this day.

Today, at 11am, Pamela, 58, and Billieann, 49, will be wed at Headricks Lane in Rockhampton.

It is understood the event will be the first same-sex wedding for Rockhampton, and possibly Central Queensland.

"We didn't plan it that way but we're honoured to have that title," Pamela said yesterday as the couple ran through the rehearsal.

The law for same sex marriage passed on December 8 in the Australian Federal Parliament after 61.6% of Australians voted yes in a national postal vote.

Capricornia was among the 133 electorates who supported the move with 54% of people voting "yes".

Pamela and Billieann never thought the day would come that the law would be passed.

"It was kind of surreal, we weren't convinced it had gone through," Pamela said.

"We'd been through it before in Canberra when it was passed for five days some years ago," Billieann said.

They thought buying a house would be as legally close as they could get.

"Buying a house is a legal contract between both of us and it was the closest we could legally be binded together," Pamela said.

A Notice of Intended Marriage must be lodged with the celebrant or minister 30 days beforehand; making January 9 the first date a same sex wedding could happen.

Pamela and Billieann lodged their intention quickly, allowing for them to get married today, on January 13.

"Who says you can't plan a wedding in a month," Pamela said.

"We haven't had any problem with anyone not wanting to cater for a same-sex wedding."

The couple will be surrounded by 60 friends and family.

"We're not young, we're not doing the white dresses, what we want is just public acknowledgement with our friends and family," Billieann said.

"It's only a simple wedding, it's come together quite easily.




While the couple were excited to get married, the rush was for another reason. So Billieann's father, Noel Bambrick, could see his daughter marry the love of her life.

The couple came up from Canberra, where they now live, to get married as Noel couldn't travel.

"Billieann's Dad has cancer, he is quite ill and we don't know how much time he has left," Pamela said.

"Mum and Dad are very keen to see us get married," Billieann said.

But being back in Rockhampton to get married is a sombre feeling for the couple.

Billieann grew up in Rockhampton while Pamela grew up in Mackay and the couple met in Rockhampton when they were both teaching at a catholic school more than two decades ago.

Their relationship created a scandal at the time and they felt they could no longer stay in Rockhampton.

"It's easy to be gay in the ACT, it wasn't easy to be gay in Queensland at the time when we moved," Pamela said.

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