Rain has arrived in Blackall, QLD.

VIDEO: First drops of rain arrive in the west

THERE'S no greater sound than rain on the roof, and for the first time in months, the west has been able to hear it.

Rain from two colliding weather systems has begun to fall over the south and central west, and it is expected there will be more on the way.

Blackall and Quilpie have been among the first towns to see some sprinkles, with the former seeing 9mm so far this afternoon.

At Avril Fazel and Peter Skew's property Duthie Park, 40km south of Blackall, the rain is nothing short of miraculous.

"It's not the smell, it's not the sounds, it's not the cooling effect - it is all of this, but mostly how intangible and esoteric the falling of rain is to the soul during a drought," Ms Fazel said.

"We are wishing all on the land the best of falls, and a moment or two to enjoy the feeling of the possibility of a change in season."

Today, weather stations at Quilpie and Oak Park north of Charleville have both received 1mm.

As the clouds spread around the region, more towns can expect some falls overnight.

"We will expect that rain to continue and hopefully pick up overnight tonight, and then into Wednesday and Thursday as well," Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Jess Gardener said.

"There will be the chance of showers, storms, rain areas, and even the possibility of some heavy falls in the morning in parts of the region."

The widely-welcomed falls are the result of two colliding weather systems over the southwest.

"There are a couple of factors in play this week," Bureau of meteorology forecaster Kimba Wong told the Western Times on Monday.

"We have a surface through that is drawing some moisture from the east coast, and further through the state over the next couple of days we also have an amplifying upper through that is going to be moving over parts of central and eastern Queensland over the next few days as well.

"So just the combination of those two factors will start to enhance shower and thunderstorm activity through central Queensland over the next couple of days with rain areas also developing, which is certainly welcome."

Rainfall forecast for Wednesday, October 30.
Rainfall forecast for Wednesday, October 30. Bureau of Meteorology

The bureau has confirmed Wednesday will be the best chance for rain across the wider region, with falls expected across a widespread area, and the possibility of up to 50mm in some parts.

"There is a chance of some heavy falls, about 30 to 50mm," Ms Gardener said.

"Moving in to Wednesday and Thursday, I would expect it to pick up.

"We are looking at the whole region of Charleville, St George, Cunnamulla, and out to Thargomindah."

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