Jett Cornelius, junior sportsperson of the year for Mitchell.
Jett Cornelius, junior sportsperson of the year for Mitchell.

Young Mitchell Magpie named town’s top sportsman

IF THERE’S a sport to be played in Mitchell, Jett Cornelius has surely tried it, and his enthusiasm for athletic pursuits has earned him a prestigious Australia Day award.

Cornelius proudly accepted the junior sportsperson award at the local Australia Day celebrations in Mitchell on Sunday, cheered on by his family, friends.

“I’m really proud to have gotten this award, because I tried my hardest all last year in my sports,” he said.

Over the past few years, the year 6 student from Mitchell State School has excelled in athletics and cross country, triathlons, golf, tennis, soccer, and swimming.

But Cornelius’ biggest passion is football, where he plays for the mighty Mitchell Magpies, and is enthusiastically awaiting the start of the 2020 season.

“I love playing sports because it is something I can do with my friends – it’s what we do to hang out,” he said.

“This year I am mostly going to focus on school and football first, and then school sports.”

Jett’s family have been an integral part in his sporting success, making sure he get to training and competitions, and mum Haylee couldn’t be more proud.

“It was a very busy year last year, with all the sports he was doing,” she said.

“But now we are very proud and honoured for Jett, because he is very committed to everything he sets his mind to, and is a great team player.”

Throughout her son’s athletic career, she has seen the immense value that sports – and particularly team sports like football – have in a young person’s life.

“It is so important for kids to know how to work together as a team, celebrate each other’s wins, but also to help everyone through,” Cornelius said.

“In sports, they don't win all the time, and it is really good for them to have that team atmosphere where they work together on and off the field.

“That experience is not only good team building for the kids as a group, but amazing personal character building for all of them.”

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